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Just drag and drop layouts for creating a website. The created site is fully div-tag-based
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24 June 2008

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Are you looking for some assistance so that you can create an amazing website? If that is the case then you may find Website Layout Maker 1.63 rather useful. It does not mandate the knowledge of advance web designing skills and with simple drag and drop functions you can have the content set and create the website. It also provides you with the ability to edit the website to make necessary changes. Basically all you need to work with the three stages consisting of Theme, Layout and Elements. You need to make the selection accordingly and have the website created. The websites created with the Website Layout Maker 1.63 works well with Firefox 2 and IE6, IE7 browsers. It enables you to have the preview of the modifications made by you. It saves time and provides excellent output.

Website Layout Maker 1.63 provides a decently settled screen with the options set for ease of the users. Start creating the layout of the website by making the required selection and compiling the content together. You can make the selection for the layout from the list provided with the program. Then make the modification required with the layout control and the changes would be shown in the webpage that is being formed. The changes that you make can be seen on the left hand side window. Insert the content that you want for the webpage. Also you need to have the ‘WebSite Property’ selected for the ‘Charset’, ‘Align’, ‘Space’, ‘Site Title’ and ‘Site Basic Background’. Make the selection to modify the format, style and font of the text for different titles, content, etc. make the selection for the options with the Big Box, Common, Border, Border II and Custom. Finally you just need to save the page for uploading it. You can have the output file saved in the HTML, CSS or Image format.

Website Layout Maker 1.63 helps you to create the website that that contains all the required features and attractive visual appeal. For the ease that it does the work with the software has been given 4 rating points out of 5. Have it and start the creation of your great website.

Publisher's description

You can create amazing website quickly and easily with Website Layout Maker. Just drag and drop layouts for creating a website. It reduces the effort needed to make website. You can also easily edit because the created site is fully div-tag-based. It provides three stages, Theme, Layout and Element. Theme stage, pick a theme from various pre-made themes. Layout stage, set, resize and copy layout easily. Element stage, provide powerful and various options such as shading background. You can use all these stages with practical page preview. The website made by Website Layout Maker provides uniform for IE6, IE7, Firefox2, Firefox3, Opera 9.X and Safari. It really saves your valuable times.
Website Layout Maker
Website Layout Maker
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